Arcane magic falls into 3 major categories: Elvish, Orcish/Draconic, and Runic.

Orcish/Draconic Magic: The most primitive and straightforward of arcane magic. Focuses on bursts of elemental energy. Favors power and spamability. Orcish Magic ends concentration on the spell after it has been fired, leaving the spells uncontrolled but allows the caster to immediately begin casting another spell or whatever. Users of Orcish/Draconic Magic are called Sorcerers.

Elven Magic: A more refined version of orcish magic. Favors precision, concentration, and control over the raw power of Orcish Magic. The major difference between Orcish and Elven magic lies after the initial cast. Once Orcish magic is released the casting is over and no changes can be made to the spell (in other words orc casts a fire spell. Once he has finished the cast he fires it and it goes in a straight line from where he fired it and he cannot influence any properties of the spell) while Elven Magic tends to maintain some control after it has been cast but before it dissipates, allowing changes in properties—most commonly velocity but more advanced users may change elements or even the type of spell from say a ball to a beam or a flurry of missiles etc.— mid flight. This control makes Elven Magic more difficult to learn and use and leaves the caster distracted but makes it much more accurate and unpredictable. Users of Elven Magic are called Wizards.

Rune Magic: A miscellaneous collection of magic that’s listing under arcane is debatable. Created by the Xak’Renath aka "Runed Ones’’.


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